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Safely Provide Exhibitor Email Marketing
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eShowMail provides a turn-key service for events that want to protect their attendee's private information while satisfying their exhibitor's requirement for email marketing to attendees.

A Sponsorship that Exhibitors Want

In a controlled environment, exhibitor email marketing can be extremely beneficial to an event. A sponsorship that fosters communication between exhibitors and attendees is a great way to promote business.

Protect your Attendee List

Don't send it to your exhibitors. It will be abused. Provide a central "unsubscribe" list for attendees that don't want to continue to receive emails from exhibitors.

Help your Exhibitors be Successful

Allow your exhibitors to individually invite attendees to visit their exhibits. Let them share new products and show specific information.

Generate Additional Revenue for your Event

An additional sponsorship opportunity means more revenue for your event.

Request a Follow-up Call Within 24 Hours

eShowLeads is a tradeshow lead capture system that lets exhibitors collect leads using their own Smartphone or Tablet.

No Barcode Necessary

Our system does not require you to put a barcode on the name badge, or have a badge at all.